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Registered Apprenticeship is a robust avenue by which community and technical colleges may meet local demand for talent and retention

Through apprenticeship, higher education can make a significant impact on the students and businesses they serve by preparing them for high-demand careers with the necessary technical instruction.

Registered Apprenticeship office works with agencies across the state of Kansas to develop strategies that make it easy for higher education to implement registered apprenticeship at their institutions.

How Community and Technical Colleges Can Develop Apprenticeship Programs in Kansas



The viability and demand for registered apprenticeships in your service area


In the establishment of registered apprenticeship programs or support existing apprenticeships through training and credit by certification

To become an established Intermediary or Sponsor, visit our step by step page below.


Strategies to support the implementation and adaptation of registered apprenticeship programs with boards, faculty, staff, and industry partners


For grant and resource funding when available – the KDC- Registered Apprenticeship office is open to partnering or supporting applications


Registered apprenticeship programs once they are established

Kansas Board of Regents Apprenticeship Integration

The Kansas Board of Regents now has a simplified process for approving Registered Apprenticeship certificates and degrees in the State of Kansas! Since the November 2022 meeting, the KBOR Technical Education Authority voted to allow for blanket approval for apprenticeships, a similar method used for transfer programs for community colleges.

With this blanket approval, the following items are required:
Completion of the CA4 Apprentice Application

  • CA4 paperwork shall include the Kansas Apprenticeship
    Council-approved paperwork.
  • Assigned Apprenticeship Number – provided by the Office of
    Apprenticeship upon approval.

Input of the program into the Kansas Higher Education Data System

  • Title of the program shall include the word “apprenticeship”
  • Use appropriate Classification of Instruction Program code (CIP)
  • Course/program work not taught by the college listed Yes to
  • External Credit Required
  • Courses taught by the college listed within the program