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Apprentice #1

I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in the Companies Registered Apprenticeship Program, over the past year I have gained a better knowledge of my job and I feel the program has enhanced my skills and helped me for career progression.

Apprentice #2

I’m gaining information I can use throughout my life that will help me stay competitive and current in my field. I feel this program has made me an asset to my company.  In addition, the program has boosted my confidence and my bank account.

Apprentice #3

I had a great experience in the apprentice program. I started at the beginning of my Crossland career as an apprentice and worked my way to become a mentor. As a mentor, I have the opportunity to share my knowledge I gained through the apprenticeship program with future carpenters. Learning in the field greatly benefits the program.

Apprentice #4

I feel that the apprenticeship program is great for people not choosing to go to college. The program also comes with great hands-on experiences, which is the best kind of training. For me, the apprenticeship program helped me progress with the company and gain a lot of field knowledge that you do not get in college. When I completed the program, I became a mentor and was able to help grow and teach the Crossland employees in the apprenticeship program; such as doing onsite training, testing, and just being a mentor for them. I then became a superintendent and continued the mentor roll for about a year as a superintendent, training the people in the program when I had to chance. Lastly, I think the apprenticeship program is very beneficial to the company and anyone who has a chance to go through the program. It is a great stepping stone for building your career.  

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