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The role of the Kansas Apprenticeship Council (KAC) is to seek voluntary management in the promotion of joint and unilateral apprenticeship programs to encourage and provide support to businesses and workers that establish and engage in voluntary apprenticeship. The Council was established through 44-661 and 44-662 in 1992. The Kansas Office of Apprenticeship explicitly follows state or federal agencies engaged in the formulation and promotion of standards of apprenticeship, including 29 CFR 29 and 30.


Information on upcoming KAC meetings are posted to the Kansas Public Square. Dedicated to the promise of open government, Public Square provides the public with access to meeting notices for state agencies, boards and commissions. Established by Executive Order 18-08, by then-Gov. Jeff Colyer, M.D., the site’s goal is to provide timely notifications of meetings. The site is maintained by the Department of Administration, Office of Public Affairs. Questions about the site can be directed to